Who can afford a new Hybrid car?

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Enviromax will save you more money in gas than the product cost !
EnviroMax Plus: Benefits
EnviroMax Plus is easy to use, just add a small amount each time you fill up. EnviroMax Plus will increase fuel economy, reduce emissions, clean your engine, reduce maintenance, and extend engine life. It works in all gas & diesel engines. In addition to cars and trucks, boats, farm equipment, motorcycles, tractors, lawn mowers, gas generators, & more will benefit from EnviroMax Plus.

Why you need EnviroMax Plus
The fuel in your engine does not burn completely, with most engines burning less than 90% of the fuel. This inefficient burn wastes energy, resulting in lost fuel economy. Unburned hydrocarbons in your engine cause excessive wear and tear and reduced engine life. Even worse, this unburned fuel is also emitted into the environment in the form of dangerous emissions.

The Solution
By simply adding a small amount each time you fill up, EnviroMax Plus will oxygenate your fuel, allowing a more efficient burn. A more efficient burn results in increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, a cleaner engine that requires less maintenance, and longer engine life.
EnviroMax Plus is safe to use and will not void any warranties. For over 14 years, EnviroMax Plus has been tested and proven in 1000's of vehicles and engines.

The Results
As soon as you begin using your first bottle, EnviroMax Plus will start to clean out your engine. Then within 3-6 tanks of treatment, you will see an increase in fuel economy. Continue using EnviroMax Plus and realize optimal fuel economy, plus a clean and long lasting engine.

The Fuel Economy Net Savings
Most people will realize a 10% or more increase in fuel economy.
Tested! Proven! Patented! Guaranteed!
(Patent # 5,266,082)
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